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Pancratio II


Heko Records founded in 2014 by rino and Mattia, Heko is as they state on their Soundcloud Page an independent label founded to promote the sound of music. Literally speaking we want to be an acoustic phenomenon that has some resonance, causing trains, consequences, which will be heard and disseminated.

Distributed by DBH MUSIC

Heko 004 goes for Pancratio on his second entry on the label, this time developing even more into his imprint sound as the continuation of his heko 003.

Three tracks at high BPM count as nowadays club experience has seen and uprising of faster music, but deeper timbres. Creating something really interesting and fresh.

A1 “Communiti” init this EP with galactic delayed stabs and dubby feelings. minimal based percussion at high speed, giving much more cohesion to the groove.

On the other side we find “Space Guardian” as B1, more housy but keeping structure from the last cut, fast paced take on a proper early hours track for the soul.

B2 “Observing J2000” goes even further into the left field electronic like sound with even more galactical musical emotion, again working around rapid minimal house tones and sequence.


Jun. 12, 2017
Favorite Track
Space Guardian
Record Label
Heko Records