Ladeep - Selection Vol.01 VA justin pak justgrowth dellacasa twodeep ladeep argentina cordoba

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Selections Vol.01

Various Artist

A series of tracks coming from several parts of the world but with one core groove as mindset for the whole selection, thus we get Ladeep selections 001 including music from Justin Pak (London) and a series of Argentinian fellow man Dellacasa, Twodeep and the duo JustGrowth.

A1 and A2 for front side work around club sound Minimal House way of doing with Pak’s “Tool A” do as the title with a repetitive 909 sequence beat and woobly trippy soundscape for club head on the other hand “Androide” fast paced syncopation groove and dubby ways makes one remember to jazz constructions.

For the other side we get Dellacasa vocal manifesto of deep house inuendos with minimal sequences and we continue for closure on “7shot5” the way Twodeep show off his stripped down slacky beat overt of minimal house music.

Originally distributed by Pressology


Jul. 20, 2018
Favorite Track
B1 - Dellacasa
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