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Leo Pol

Marc Milner and Leo Pol love boat called IILE Records gets into the second vinyl release of their catalogue with the same approach as the first entry, three tracks from Leo and one collaboration of both Iile faces.

A1 and A2 from Pol’s sample picks and cuts that define the pillars of the groove, plus the 909 distorted soundscape over pads and deep chords that strike the heart of the listeners.

Next stop is Coup de grace “Sex In The Kitchen” that finds both gentlemen commuting sound, acidic basslines with moodyman vox inbued with galactic melodies for early hour madness.
B2 Takes another Moodyman guitar sample overt with stabs of filtered coming and going piano keys that takes the whole trip toward late night dancing.


Apr. 10, 2017
Favorite Track
The Luuve Juice
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