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No Signal / Amazonia

Yamamoto/ Diez/ Bellomo

Argentinian label based Rationalism Records strikes their tenth release on the vinyl domains. Yusuke Yamamoto does front side and on the other side we find fellow countrymen Nicolas Diez and Martin Bellomo.

Distributed by Deejay.de

A1 and A2 do the garage and more orthodox toward main hours solutions for danceclubbing, powerful vocals and uplifting sounds, arrangements that solidify Yamamoto intentions for body moving.

Nicolas Diez B1 “Amazonia” send us into softer grounds of funk guitar slides and straight 909 body, over it all a vocal+phased pad mania, is on were Diez relies towards complition of a proper groove. B2 give us a different focus willing¬†minimalistic arrangements, kick, bass and shakers seasoned by modular tics and clicks coming from the collaboration of Martin Bellomo and Diez¬†are what creates “Algorhythm” timeless feeling.


Mar. 27, 2017
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Rationalism Records