constant black 2017 michael vinyl record

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Michael James

Striking from Leeds is Michael James and his Constant Black contribution in a three tracker EP with a modern sound dyed all over CB002

A1 “0101010 does a 10.27 min long act of crazy modular like sound, clicks, bips and dubby stabs that resemble Rhythm and Sounds way of doing, but with a jumpy and faster tone to added to the mix.

020202 as B1 digs deep into the Dubby side of atmo for the tracks soundscape backed up by a rolling minimal structure. Waiting for the summum of things for a deeper conclusion A La Chitown progression of dubby chords.

B2 is the odd cut of the bunch as a crunchy mellow percussion dances with the sway tones and groovy bassline of “030303”.


April, 2017
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Record Label
Constant Black