Momentz Records TVMB Vinyl Release entry on the label catalogue

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Momentz000 - TVMB

Martin Bellomo

Entry on the label catalogue with a conceptual four track EP from the unknown TVMB.
A clear state from Momentz sound thus defined by this release and the upcoming players of their catalogue, Ernesto Ferreyra, Alexis Cabrera, Furz, Martin Bellomo to name a few. 

More info on their DISCOGS Page LINK

A1 and A2 seems to be cuts from the same session, as similar sounds appear on both compositions. A1 being more on the Minimal Techno side and A2 on the Housier one Thus Two side of a serious offer to the sensible and picky clubber ear.

TVMB003 or B1 bassline is what glue together all the elements in the arrangment picture, waiting for the deep surprise that takes places right in the midst of this minimal beat, a big Metallic Chord that open up the whole tune.

B2 keep the dialogue of the whole release but adds a jazzy feeling for the closure and turnout of MM000.
Dubby elements coexist with a pump bassline and strings, alas at last a modular metallic refresh the a composition, a proper ending for Momentz Records TVMB.

The cover design photo is from a known South American Photograph artist Javier Bellomo Coria.-

Supported by Cabanne, Franco Cinelli, Ernesto Ferreyra and more


Apr. 04, 017
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Momentz Records